Single Hospital Services Review update

On Tuesday morning, the Manchester City Council Health & Wellbeing Board, who are the new body charged with overseeing the provision of health and social care in Manchester, were presented with the 2nd stage report from Sir Jonathon Michael. He presented several governance models, ranging from the "do nothing" status quo option, to his preferred option whereby a new single organisation is created to govern and run the main hospitals that fall in the Manchester footprint.

UNISON and other Pennine Staff Side representatives present, heard speaker after speaker in favour of the single organisation option. So the eventual vote in favour of this recommendation came as little surprise.

It was agreed that health trusts now enter into discussions with each other in order to consider the practical aspects of creating the new organisation, such as implementation requirements and likely timescales. A report on this is expected to be presented to the board in 6 weeks time.

For Pennine this means that North Manchester General Hospital will be removed from the current trust and form part of the new Manchester single hospital organisation. It was discussed at the Health & Wellbeing Board that further consideration now needs to be given to the integrity of the remaining North East sector (Bury, Rochdale & Oldham).



Obviously these are uncertain times for staff as change always brings its own concerns. UNISON will continue to follow proceedings and report to our members, not only on the proposed arrangements for Manchester, but the current Pennine hospitals , and any organisational change that may follow.

Date Online: 09/06/2016

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