Tories Not Welcome Here - Join the Demonstration 1st October

No more austerity
Scrap the pay cap
Tories Out – for decent Health, Homes, Jobs & Education

SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER - March on the streets of Manchester.

A week of protest, demonstrations, cultural events, rallies, comedy, music and public meetings all across Manchester is planned to coincide with the Conservative Party Conference, which will be taking place in the city this October.

The week begins with a national demonstration and march through the streets of Manchester whilst Tory delegates assemble in Manchester Central and put on a brave face after their misjudged snap election in June that saw Theresa May lose a workable majority.  With a weak and unstable Government, she’s now abandoned her manifesto promises and desperately clings onto power through a grubby deal with the DUP. The Tories days are well and truly numbered, but they will hang onto power for as long as they can get away with it. That's where we come in. The Autumn conference is their chance to re-launch the party and move away from the shambolic campaign that Theresa May led this summer. This demonstration is our chance to state loudly and clearly that no amount of spin and PR will change the fact that Britain is ready for a change of direction. We need investment in public services, housing, decent jobs, and an end to austerity.

Make a date in your diary. Get family and friends to come along. We are the many, they are the few.

Sunday 1 October
Assemble from 1pm on Liverpool Road, Castlefield. March to set off at 2pm, calling past Tory Conference and ending in Piccadilly Gardens. Guest Speakers at start and end of march.

As and when more information comes in, we will provide updates via the news section of the website. Keep an eye out on noticeboards and follow us on twitter @unison_pennine

These events have been called for by the Peoples Assembly. Trade Unions, Political, Religious and Community groups will also be backing the march and associated events. This is collective action - be part of it!

Date Online: 02/08/2017

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