NHS Pay – Update

UNISON agree to consult membership on pay offer.

You may be aware that UNISON have been leading negotiations with the government and NHS Employers over a three year pay deal for NHS staff, which includes changes to the NHS pay structure to make it fairer.

Following years of pay caps and pay freezes we have been applying pressure on the government, through our Pay Up Now! Campaign, to put an end to pay restraint.

The NHS pay offer announced today begins that process. This is a proposal, and UNISON will be consulting with our members on whether or not to accept the offer or reject it.

What is the offer?

The offer is not a “fits all” offer. What you get depends on what Agenda For Change banding you are employed on, and even whereabouts on the scale of that band you currently sit.

In basic terms, all staff earning above £17,460 a year (full time rate) are being offered a staggered pay increase of 6.5% over 3 years. Those paid below, depending on what their full time equivalent salary is, will be increased to £17,460. This will be the new basic entry level NHS pay band. Nobody will work full time and earn below this. In a nutshell, this is the offer.


How is the 6.5% being staggered?


Those currently on Band 1

An immediate pay increase of about 10%. This will be achieved by introducing a new NHS minimum basic wage of £8.93 per hour (Full Time equivalent £17,460).

In March 2021 all those on Band 1 will be moved to Band 2. This means that they will see more annual increases

Those on top of Band 2 to Band 8c

3% increase for 2018/19

1.7%increase in 2019/20 plus a lump sum worth 1.1% paid in April 2019

1.7% increase in 2020/21

So this totals 6.5% plus the extra 1.1% lump sum in year 2.

Those at top of Band 8d and Band 9

An increase of 5.4% (Band 8d) and 4.6% (Band 9) over 3 years.

An £800 lump sum in April 2019


There will also be changes to bands 2 to 8c that will remove the overlaps between mid-points of salary bands, making it quicker to progress to the top of each band.

UNISON will begin to consult members on this offer in April 2018. In the meantime please use the this link to obtain the full details of the offer.

Please Note - At the time of publication, the branch believe that the lump sum element to the 3 year deal will be non-consolidated. In other words, it will be a one-off "bonus" payment that will not increase the salary level beyond the year of payment. 

Date Online: 21/03/2018

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