Stand Up to Racism this Saturday in Manchester

The far right are currently mobilising in the UK under the inconspicuous name of the Football Lads Alliance. This is in fact a front for the old NF and EDL, with the same old faces turning up to spread their pernicious messages of hate. Worryingly they have also started to recruit speakers from the US Alt-Right, many of whom feel vindicated to spread their racist messages on the back of President Trump and his continual dubious tweets.

This Saturday, 18th May, the FLA plan to march through the streets of Manchester. Yes, you heard right. They claim to be Football fans, yet chose the day of the FA Cup Final to take to the streets of the countries Football capital. They’re certainly not like any football fans that we know!

With the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bomb next week, they are using the deaths of innocent young music fans, many of them children, as an excuse to spread fascism and racism in our city. We are appalled by this, and we think that our members will be too.

Stand Up To Racism are organising a counter demonstration to send the clear message that racists are not welcome in our city. Please make every effort to attend and give Manchester something to be proud of this weekend.

Members of Parliament, Council Leaders, Trades Unions, and local community groups have added their support to the campaign to oppose the FLA. Dan Hett, brother of a Manchester Bomb victim and co-founder of Survivors Against Terror is also backing our protest. Please join us this Saturday.

This is far more important than watching some Wedding or other on the television.


Date Online: 14/05/2018

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