UNISON Covid-19 Health & Safety Survey

The last couple of months have seen unprecedented events take place in our lives, especially in the workplace. Many of our members have been at the forefront of rapidly changing Coronavirus pandemic, working in hospitals, care homes, and medical centres. Other members are on medical suspension or find that they are working in different workplaces due to reorganised services. Others are working from home or even furloughed.

Coronavirus has had varying impacts on us all. Those who have isolated because they or family members have been unwell, some have been admitted to hospital, and sadly for some the virus has been fatal. In our workplaces and in our family lives it has been an extremely difficult time.

On Monday we will start to see the lifting of certain lockdown measures, and in the following weeks we will see gradual steps towards some sense of normality. Or at least that is the plan.

Here in UNISON we are continually focused on your health, safety and wellbeing, but this pandemic has raised so many issues in a relatively short period of time that we now feel it is time to refocus. With this in mind we are asking you our members to tell us about the problems, issues, concerns and worries that you are facing right now.

We have set up an online survey, and the responses will be vital for us to effectively deal with your health & safety issues right now.

Please take the survey by clicking here.



Date Online: 29/05/2020

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