(UPDATED) New Guidance for Oldham residents

IMPORTANT UPDATE - National Government measures introduced by Matt Hancock, for Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, and West Yorkshire, mean that the following rules on shielding no longer apply. UNISON beleive that in the face of increasing infection rates and a Major Incident Alert for Greater Manchester, vulnerable workers should continue to shield. However, some employers are bringing workers back. Make sure that a Covid-19 Individual Risk Assessment is carried out, and ensure that your journey from leaving your home is included in that assessment of risk.


People who live within the boundaries of Oldham Borough Council were issued with new guidance by local public health officials yesterday (Tuesday 28th July) following a recent spike in Covid-19 in the area. This means that if you pay your council tax to Oldham Council, and they collect your bins, no matter what your postal address says, this guidance applies to you.    

The new guidance say’s:

"To help halt the spread of the virus and avoid local lockdown we are issuing new guidance for Oldham residents and businesses. 

This guidance begins today and will continue for the next two weeks.

  • To reduce spread between households, we are advising that you do not have social visitors to your home, outside of those in your support bubble 

  • To ensure we protect older and vulnerable people, our care homes will not relax restrictions on care home visiting 

  • We are advising those who are clinically vulnerable whose shielding should have come to an end from 31 July to extend shielding for a further two weeks from that date (to 14 August). 

We’re urging residents to continue to take the risk of coronavirus seriously and to comply with current guidelines.” 


Many of our members who are currently shielding due to the Covid-19 pandemic will be expecting to return to work from 1st August and will have planned with management the details. We are advising members to whom this applies who live in Oldham to contact their Line Manager immediately to discuss an extension to their shielding period. 




Date Online: 29/07/2020

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