NHS Pay Claim 2020 - 2 Days for 2K

UNISON NHS One Team Pay Claim

On Friday 28th August UNISON delivered our NHS pat claim to 10 Downing Street. We want to see all NHS staff receive at least £2,000 uplift, and for this to be paid early. We believe that £2,000 is fair and reasonable for the whole NHS team. When surveyed recently, our members agreed with us. Over 8 out of 10 were in support of a flat £2,000 rise for all NHS staff.


A £2,000 increase for all pay point would mean:


·       A rise of over £1 an hour for all staff.

·       A fair and equitable rise, reflecting the contribution of the whole NHS Team though 2020.

·       A minimum NHS par rate of £10,23 per hour – over the Real Living Wage.

·       A Band 5 starting salary of nearly £27,000.

·       For Bands 1-6 a rise of at least double RPI inflation.


On Wednesday 16th September UNISON will launch “Two Days for 2k” a national campaign to push our NHS pay claim. Current pandemic restrictions mean that some of the more traditional campaigning options are not available to us, but together we can push our agenda.


What can I do?


Let us tell your story.


Tell us what a pay rise would mean to you and your colleagues. Click on the link below and have your voice heard. We will choose the most effective responses and put our members at the centre of the pay campaign. Remember, people came out in their millions and clapped for you. Your message is powerful.




Write to your MP and tell them to support Early Day Motion #742


Our very own former UNISON North West Convenor, now MP for Liverpool Wavertree, Paula Barker has sponsored an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling for a meaningful and worthwhile pay increase for NHS staff.


Send a letter or email to your local MP. Tell them what work you have been undertaking during the COVID-19 pandemic and ask them to sign Early Day Motion (EDM #742) and prove that their claps were not just cheap publicity stunts.


Take to social media. Get the campaign message out.

Use #ValueUsPayUs get your selfies and messages read by others. Let’s see some momentum behind our campaign. Our strongest message is that of our members. The people who have carried our NHS through the 2020 pandemic. You are this union’s strongest asset.


Let’s have your 2020 story. Your very own “Covid Diary” if you like.

Email [email protected]


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Date Online: 14/09/2020

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