NHS Pay - We Deserve more.

Following the Tory Government announcement on public sector pay rises - Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Domestics, Porters, Support Staff and other Health Professionals will NOT get a pay rise. Without the phenomenal efforts of all NHS staff within Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust during this pandemic, there is no doubt the death rates would have been higher.  We continue to work and put our own health on the line to care for and treat the sick and the vulnerable. We have been there when patients' own families could not be.  We have held the hands of the dying and mopped the brows of the sick.  We have cleaned, moved and administered.  We continue to provide outstanding service because there is no one else who can. We have and continue to look after the country during this pandemic. It is time the government recognised our value and to look after us as we have looked after the country.

This is why UNISON is demanding an early and significant pay rise for all NHS staff.

The government is insisting that the NHS staff must wait until 2021 to discussany prospect of a pay rise. That is not fair – all staff working on the frontline of the COVID pandemic deserve and are entitled to a fair pay deal.

UNISON is demanding the government agree a raise of at least £2,000 on every pay point and to pay this money early.

We want to ensure that the voices of thousands of health workers in this area are heard by politicians, decision makers and the public. To this end we are launching a campaign locally for a fair pay deal, to build on work being undertook nationally and regionally.

In your workplace, print off as many copies of our petition as you can get signatures for and return them completed to the branch office (details on the form). Get your petition here.

Date Online: 30/10/2020

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