Tell The Chancellor to fund a decent Pay Rise for NHS Workers


Every day NHS staff across the UK are putting their health and wellbeing on the line to provide care in exceptionally difficult circumstances. But the government is yet to give them the thanks they deserve: a proper pay rise.

NHS staff and the public are coming together to send a simple message to Rishi Sunak ahead of the budget in March. It’s time for the chancellor to step up and fund a £2k pay rise for everyone working in the NHS.

If you think health workers deserve a proper thank you add your name to the open letter and share your story of NHS staff stepping up and giving their all:


An early and significant pay rise for all staff is the right thing to do. Not just to thank heath workers for everything they’ve given to provide care during this crisis, but to keep hardworking staff in the NHS for years to come.

It takes a whole team of people to deliver health services, and a pay rise of at least £2,000 a year would ensure that everyone in the NHS is recognised equally.

It could be brought in quickly and give NHS staff more money in their pockets this year as they prepare to face the challenges coming to the NHS over the next few months.

So, please support NHS staff and call on Rishi Sunak to fund the pay rise they deserve by signing the open letter.


Date Online: 26/01/2021

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