Help us reverse the 1% pay offer


The Westminster government's pay offer of 1% is an insult to every nurse, healthcare assistant, porter, paramedic, administrator and domestic who has kept the NHS running during COVID.

But we’ve got time to force a U-turn and, as we work with you to build support across our workplaces, we're also asking the public to show they stand firmly behind all NHS staff and show the government that a miserly 1% pay rise simply won’t wash. 

That’s why we’re asking everyone to step out this Thursday at 8pm and give this offer the slow handclap it deserves. But for it to work it will take all of us getting family and friends on board to help get the word out and join us.

Remeber to use smartphones to capture your slow handclaps, and share your images and recording on social media to help spread the word. On Twitter remember to tag us @unison_pennine, and on FaceBook begin your posts @Unison North West, then click on the pop up to tag us in.

And in her blog, general secretary Christina McAnea argues that this isn't even just about pay, it's about making sure there are enough staff in the NHS and the future of the service.

'This isn't just about pay' – read the general secretary's blog
Let people know about tomorrow's slow handclap
The second wave: Nurses running on empty

Date Online: 10/03/2021

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